Grandmother allegedly did drugs the night before toddler Charlee Campbell vanished; charges expected to be filed

Bullitt County, Kentucky, Sheriff Donnie Tinnel still remains convinced that the family of a toddler girl who disappeared for 32 hours last week isn’t being forthcoming with what happened. He says he expects charges to be filed soon.

Lex18 reports that Beth Campbell, the grandmother of 2-year-old Charlee Campbell, allegedly did drugs with a family member the night before the little girl vanished last week. Charlee lived with her grandparents, and Beth Campbell was responsible for watching the girl when she disappeared from their home off of the 600 block of Winding Hollow Road in Lebanon Junction on Thursday morning

“I’m suspicious of Beth and I am suspicious of Natalie,” Tinnel said.

According to Tinnel, the family member openly admitted to doing drugs with Campbell. Tinnel also said Campbell did not initially tell authorities about who was in the home when Charlee disappeared. The family member who reportedly admitted to doing drugs with Campbell had outstanding warrants from another state and was taken into custody.

During a media briefing Monday, Tinnel announced that Charles Quick, the husband of Charlee’s mother, Natalie Quick, was arrested for outstanding warrants out of Florida.

Tinnel expects charges against Beth Campbell to happen soon. The sheriff indicated that the grandmother will likely be charged with neglect and endangering the welfare of a minor. Beth Campbell’s mother, Lisa Chesher, thinks authorities are wasting their time with theories that the toddler didn’t wander off alone, according to WDRB.

“This whole scenario of them taking her and hiding her, and then the FBI shows up, and then they drop her off in the woods. That is ridiculous,” said Chesher. “To see how my daughter and granddaughter are being painted by Sheriff Tinnel is not fair.”

Tinnel disagrees.

“The little girl had scratches on her feet, dirty feet, and ticks on her. And she was in the woods for some period of time,” Tinell said. “It didn’t indicate to me that she was there for 36 hours.”

Tinnel said he doesn’t want to speculate in the case, but nonetheless, feels someone close to the little girl is responsible for her disappearance.

“My suspicion is that there’s a custody issue between mother and grandmother. I suspect maybe there’s something going on that we don’t know about yet.”

While Chesher admitted that Beth Campbell was battling a meth addiction, she simply doesn’t buy the theory that her daughter had anything to do with Charlee’s disappearance.

“I think it’s silly they didn’t find her,” said Chesher. “She has just learned to unlock the deadbolt.”

As CrimeOnline previously reported,  Charlee was found safe, according to officials, around 36 hours after her grandmother reported her missing. Her pit bull dog, Penny, who disappeared with her, was also found safe.

The toddler was found around 5 p.m. on Friday after she walked onto the porch of a home off of Roy Layne Road. According to authorities, Charlee reportedly walked up around 600 yards of a hill to reach the residence, but when she did, the homeowner recognized her as the missing girl and called the police. Shortly after the little girl was found, Penny was found back at home, at the residence off of Winding Hollow Road.

Another theory Tinnel touched on is that Charlee could have been in someone else’s house and could have been sexually assaulted. The sheriff said at this point it’s purely speculation as to where the toddler was for two days, but authorities requested a forensic medical examination to determine what, if anything, Charlee ate while she was missing. Authorities are also requesting the toddler undergo an examination to determine if someone sexually assaulted her.

Charlee had her shirt on when found, but her diaper and pants were removed. Authorities searched “extensively,” according to Tinnell, for the little girl’s missing clothing but they came up empty-handed. Other details that occurred during the search and its aftermath include:

  • When Charlee arrived on the back deck of a neighbor’s home, the neighbor brought her inside and gave her water, but she immediately threw up.
  • On Monday morning, CPS took custody of Charlee after her release from the hospital, following an initial health examination.
  • Charlee was dehydrated and had ticks on her.
  • Charlee is generally non-verbal but can repeat things said to her. She’s unable to articulate where she was when she disappeared.
  • Search warrants on the cellphones of Charlee’s family members are currently underway.
  • Within an hour of the FBI’s search of the grandparent’s home, the little girl showed up at the neighbor’s residence and the dog returned home.
  • Authorities are considering filing charges of negligence against the toddler’s grandmother, who was supposed to be taking care of the little girl when she vanished.
  • Charles Quick, the husband of Charlee’s mother, Natalie Quick, was arrested for outstanding warrants out of Florida on Thursday.
  • Charles Quick was cleared as a person of interest, but Tinnell said he was out in the woods on the day Charlee disappeared.
  • Police plan to forensically test Charles Quick’s cellphone.

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[Feature Photo: Charlee Campbell/Handout]