‘Ice Pick Killer’: Convict who raped 9 women and murdered 4, including a baby boy, claims ‘it hurts’ during lethal injection

A Texas man who brutally raped nine women and admitted to killing at least four people cried out in pain during his lethal injection on Wednesday.

CNN reports that Danny Paul Bible, also known as the “ice pick killer” after he raped and stabbed one of his victims with an ice pick, died Wednesday evening via lethal execution at the Texas Department of Corrections’ Huntsville Unit. Bible’s lawyer, Nadia Wood, made numerous unsuccessful appeals, contending that his client suffered from serious health issues that would make it hard to find a viable vein which in turn could botch the execution and cause extreme pain.

“His unique and severe medical conditions render lethal injection an intolerably cruel method of execution as applied to him,” Wood said.

The U.S. Supreme Court rejected a last-day appeal that claimed Bible was too “weak and sick” to undergo lethal injection drugs. Despite the attorney’s statement that Bible’s veins couldn’t withstand the needles and drugs, a prison technicians had a needle inserted into the rapist’s hand within three minutes. Three minutes later, the technician successfully inserted a needle into Bible’s other hand.

As family members of two of the victims stared back at Bible through a witness window, he said nothing until around two minutes later, when he complained that “it hurts.” Shortly after he stopped moving.

In 1979, Bible raped and stabbed 20-year-old Inez Deaton, according to Time. The victim was his cousin’s best friend and the mother of a 2-year-old little girl. She was later found dumped into an area by the Houston bayou.

In 1983, he killed two women, including his sister-in-law, Tracy Powers and his roommate, Pam Hudgins. He also admitted he killed Powers’ 4-month-old son, Justin. Bible was convicted of murdering Hudgins, but by 1992, he paroled out of prison.

In 1999, Florida authorities arrested him in Fort Myers, in connection with a rape in Louisiana. During interrogation, Bible reportedly admitted to at least nine rapes and admitted to the other killings.

Years later, in 2003, a jury convicted Bible for the slaying of Deaton and dubbed him the “ice pick killer” after he raped her, then stabbed her to death with an ice pick. He was sentenced to death.

“Danny Paul Bible is as vile and evil a person who has ever drawn breath. We are glad to have witnessed him draw his last breath. I know that he will burn in hell for eternity,” Larry Lance, the brother of Hudgins said. “We are glad to have witnessed him draw his last breath. I know he will burn in hell for eternity.”

[Feature Photo: Danny Bible/Texas Department of Corrections]