Dad of Lucas Hernandez in ICU emergency room following little boy’s public memorial

Jonathan Hernandez, father of Kansas boy Lucas Hernandez, was admitted into a Wichita hospital Saturday evening after his son’s public memorial.

“He has an abscess in his throat which is making it almost impossible to swallow and they are worried about his breathing,” Cyndi Norman, Hernandez’s mother explained to CrimeOnline. “He went to the ER Saturday evening and they thought it might be tonsillitis, so they gave him and antibiotic and something for pain. By 3 a.m. it was worse, so he went back to the ER and they ran blood work.”

So far, according to Norman, doctors aren’t quite sure what the problem is, but plan to perform a CT scan on Tuesday if Hernandez’s condition hasn’t improved.

“He’s in severe pain. The pain medication just takes the edge off. They did the nasal camera again this morning and said it wasn’t any worse, but no better.”

Hernandez son, Lucas Hernandez, was found deceased under a small bridge in Harvey County on May 24. His live-in girlfriend, Emily Glass, was the prime suspect in the little boy’s death. Glass reported Lucas missing on February 17, while Hernandez was working out of state. Three months later, however, Glass led private investigator David Marshburn to Lucas’ remains.

Jonathon is currently dealing with another hurdle as he is in ICU, unable to eat or drink from an abscess in his…

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Within a few weeks after the recovery of Lucas’ remains, Glass shot herself in the forehead with an AR-15 assault rifle. Hernandez arrived to his home at around 1:47 a.m. on June 8 and discovered Glass with her “head split open.”

Following the discovery, Hernandez prepared for and attended his son’s memorial at the¬†¬†Wichita State University Eugene M. Hughes Metropolitan Complex on Saturday afternoon. The investigation into what led up to the little boy’s death is still under investigation. Norman thinks the tremendous amount of stress and anxiety her son has been under may have played a part in his illness.

Meanwhile, Norman set up a GoFundMe page for Hernandez, in hopes of raising money to help him get back on his feet and provide funds for moving expenses. Norman said his illness is preventing Hernandez from returning to work after he already missed out on a month, due to the planning of Lucas’ memorial and the ongoing investigation into the boy’s death.

[Feature Photo: Jonathan Hernandez, Lucas Hernandez/Handout]