Aspiring model and actress, possibly homeless at the time, found dead in community garden: Cops

Authorities say an aspiring model and actress in Florida is dead and they have launched a homicide investigation to determine who killed her.

Jennifer Salcito, a 33-year-old Boca Raton resident, was found dead in a community garden on Tuesday, as reported by the Sun Sentinel.

Her body was found partially hidden within an area of brush after someone noticed the “odor of decomposition,” a statement by the Delray Police Department revealed.

Police say she had likely been dead multiple days before the discovery, though they provided no details about her cause of death.

According to WPEC, new information about the victim indicates she had been interested in pursuing an entertainment or fashion career. In recent years, however, those who knew her say her life seemed to have taken a destructive detour.

Locals say she had often been spotted in the past near the area where she was found dead. They indicated she appeared to be homeless, however.

Multiple neighbors told reporters that they had expressed concern for Salcito prior to her death. When they approached in an attempt to offer assistance, however, they say she resisted and did not offer much information about her situation.

She was also frequently spotted in the neighborhood wearing the same clothes repeatedly, neighbors said. A nearby church volunteer said Salcito was frequently accompanied by another person.

As of the latest reports available, her family had not responded to requests for comment. Her own social media profiles provided some details about her past, though.

Salcito reportedly maintained a profile on a website aimed at connecting aspiring talent with opportunities in their industry. Online, she described herself as “fun loving and bubbly.”

Investigators are reportedly working to determine whether something in her life might have led to the circumstances surrounding her death or living situation in recent years.

[Featured image: Jennifer Salcito, Delray Police Department]