‘Police should widen their investigation’: Parents of girl who nearly died in neonatal unit believe Lucy Letby may have hurt the infant

The parents of a child who nearly died in same neonatal unit where murder suspect Lucy Letby worked are demanding an investigation into non-fatal injuries that took place at the hospital during the same period that 17 babies died.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, 28-year-old Letby is believed to be the suspect arrested last week following an investigation into the deaths of 17 infants at Countess of Chester Hospital between March 2015 and July 2016.

Before and during that period, another 15 babies reportedly collapsed, but survived. According to the Daily Mail, one of those children was Felicity Whitfield, now four, who suffered a lung collapse three days after her premature birth — a catastrophic event that nearly took the infant’s life. She survived only after she was taken to a second hospital for a lifesaving procedure — the same procedure that had twice failed at Countess of Chester Hospital.

Now, Felicity’s parents are calling for an expanded investigation into the non-fatal incidents that took place in the neonatal unit.

“We feel the police should widen their investigation to take in deaths and non-fatal collapses that happened earlier in Miss Letby’s time there,” Felicity’s father Mike Whitfield told the Daily Mail. 

“We want answers for ourselves and we want answers for those poor parents whose babies actually died. … These parents need answers and our hearts go out to them. Losing a baby is something you’re never going to get over, but then to find out, perhaps, that your baby didn’t need to die, for whatever reason, is unimaginable.”

Authorities have revealed very little about the investigation, including the precise cause of death of the 17 infants, and have not confirmed Lucy Letby as the suspect — though investigators did confirm that they were at her home and her parent’s home on Tuesday.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, the suspect, believed to be Letby, was released on bond late last week.