Authorities find possible body of missing mom in same county where search continues for another missing woman, Joleen Cummings

Florida authorities are working to confirm the identity of a woman’s body found in Charlton County, Georgia, on Friday, but family members of Jennifer Perry, of Nassau County, Florida, say it’s her.

CBS reports that volunteers who helped search for the missing mom found the remains of a woman in around Barker Boulevard in Charlton County. Perry had been reported missing on Wednesday. Nassau County authorities indicated that a female body had been hidden in a brush off of a dirt trail.

The body was reportedly too decomposed to make a positive identification, according to authorities, but Jennifer’s family said they felt it was her.

On Thursday, authorities found a man named Delbert Goodman, 33, driving Perry’s car in Georgia. Although he hasn’t been charged with her death as of Monday, police are holding him on drug charges. It’s still unclear why Goodman had Perry’s vehicle.

According to First Coast News, authorities arrested Goodman initially for driving on a suspended license. They later charged him with marijuana possession and drug paraphernalia possession. Goodman has an extensive criminal record with multiple convictions, according to police.

Meanwhile, the search for another missing Nassau County women, Joleen Cummings, continues. Authorities began searching a landfill in Georgia earlier this month for Cummings, in the same county that volunteers found what could possibly be Perry’s body. Similar to Goodman, police also found a suspect in Cummings’ case, Kimberly Kessler, driving the victim’s SUV and abandoning it in a Home Depot parking lot.

An autopsy for the woman is scheduled for Monday.

The story is still developing. Check back with CrimeOnline as additional details become available.

[Feature Photo: Jennifer Perry/Handout]