WATCH: Color Me Badd singer Bryan Abrams arrested for allegedly assaulting bandmate onstage

Color Me Badd singer Bryan Abrams was arrested at a New York resort early Sunday for allegedly pushing his bandmate to the floor during a live performance.

Video one concertgoer posted to YouTube appears to show Abrams, 48, assaulting Mark Calderon, 47, during a set Sunday at Del Lago Resort & Casino. An eyewitness told TMZ that Abrams was frustrated about his singing and pushed Calderon after a performance of their 1991 hit, “I Want to Sex You Up.”

According to The Blast, Abrams drank heavily before Sunday’s performance and was slurring his words as he sang the group’s first song, “All I Want.” By the second song, Abrams had reportedly left the stage and didn’t return for almost the entirety of the set—leading Calderon to take on as lead and perform the show by his lonesome.

Upon his return, Abrams allegedly said, “I’m motherf**king Color Me Badd!” and shoved Calderon to the floor.

Calderon was briefly hospitalized for neck and back injuries he suffered when hitting some sound equipment on the way to the floor, according to TMZ. Meanwhile, Abrams was arrested and charged with misdemeanor assault.

Calderon told The Blast that Abrams routinely drinks before performances and that he wants him to get treatment. (Us Weekly noted that the R&B group disbanded in 1998 due in part to Abrams’ alcohol addiction.) He also claimed that he hasn’t spoken to Abrams since the ordeal.

Abrams was reportedly released from jail an hour after his arrest. A court date was scheduled for August 28.

[Featured image: Bryan Abrams/Seneca County Sheriff’s Office; Youtube video screengrab]