White student says racial slur text message about black roommate was a typo

A white student at Georgia Southern University has found herself in hot water after a screenshot emerged last week showing a message she allegedly inadvertently sent to her new Nigerian roommate using the “n-word.”

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that the caucasian student, identified as Courtney Schaefer, was set to share a dorm with Dajah Morrison, who is black. A conversation between the women began with cordial words by Morrison introducing herself to Schaefer, with the two then saying they accidentally called one another. But the friendly exchange quickly takes on an offensive turn.

After the original correspondence, Schaefer reportedly sent a text in error to Morrison meant for another person that reads, “Her insta looks pretty normal not too n*ggerish.”

Apparently realizing that she sent the text to the wrong individual, Schaefer quickly follows up by apologizing to Morrison for using the racial slur, claiming that it was the result of an autocorrect gone wrong.

“OMG! I am so sorry!,” the subsequent text reads. “Holy crap. Damn spell check I did NOT mean to to say that. I was texting [another person’s name] and I meant to say triggerish meaning like you seemed really cool nothing triggered a red flag! I’m so embarrassed. I apologize.”

Morrison took screenshots of the conversation and posted them on Facebook and Twitter, according to WSAV.

“Triggerish is not a word at all either. The closest word to that is triggerfish. So for her to cover those things up, it just didn’t add up,” Morrison, a senior at the college, wrote in the social media posts.

GSU Interim President Shelley Nickel released a written statement on Friday, expressing that racist comments are not acceptable at the school.

“The University shares the hurt our community has expressed following the use of a racial slur,” Nickel wrote.

“The use of such racist comments is offensive and unacceptable and in no way reflects the attitudes or values at Georgia Southern University. To be clear, there is no place for bigotry or racism on our campuses.”

The statement continued to say that the school is “committed to reinforcing our values and encouraging an inclusive atmosphere that enables students to thrive.”

It is unclear at this time if any action will be taken against Schaefer.

“Hopefully they’ll be professional about it,” Morrison said of the university’s administration, according to WSAV.

“And handle everything correctly, but I’m just hoping they shut that down and show the other students that we don’t play with that. We’re here to learn.”

[Feature photo: Screenshot/WSAV]