Tinder serial killer suspect accused of murdering young nurse was released on bail weeks ago, says his ‘body did this, not my mind’: Report

The man suspected of murdering a young nurse along with possible additional victims has reportedly confessed to violent acts, insisting that he did not want to kill anyone but that his body “made” him do it.

The Washington Post reports that Danueal Drayton told police that he did not have control of himself after he was arrested on suspicion of rape, murder, and attempted murder. As CrimeOnline previously reported, Drayton is suspected of killing Samantha Stewart, 29, a New York City nurse who was found dead of an apparent homicide in her Queens apartment earlier this month.

Drayton was in California when he was apprehended, and had allegedly sexually assaulted and held a woman captive in Los Angeles, with the apparent intent to kill her.

He reportedly confessed to six murders, and is believed to have met his victims on dating websites like Tinder. He is also suspected of raping a woman in Brooklyn.

“I believe that there will be more victims,” New York Police Department Chief of Detectives Dermot Shea told the New York Daily News.

In his confession to police, Drayton reportedly said, “My body did this, not my mind.”

“I didn’t want to do this. My body made me do this.”

The suspect has a history of violent crime, including two arrests for choking or strangulation. He was released on bail on July 5, over prosecutor’s objections, after his arrest for choking an ex-girlfriend. He was previously arrested five times in Connecticut.

It would have been impossible for the judge at that time to foresee the allegations that are presently unfolding,” a representative for a Nassau County, New York, court that ordered his bail release told ABC 7.

Dayton is reportedly cooperating with investigators.