“Don’t add ‘Momo!'”: Police issue warning about sinister suicide game spreading on WhatsApp, believed to have compelled 12-year-old girl to take her own life

Authorities over the globe have issued a dire warning about the spread of a sinister online “challenge” that is believed to be responsible for the apparent suicide of a 12-year-old girl in Argentina.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, the “Momo” game appears to be targeting children and teens via the WhatsApp online messaging service, and is believed to issue threats intended to incite self-harm and/or suicide among its users. The unidentified girl who died in Buenos Aires reportedly filmed the events leading up to her death, before she was found hanged by a tree in her parents’ backyard.

Momo features an avatar that is inspired by a Japanese artist with no connection to the sinister game, and it has been compared to the notorious “Blue Whale” suicide game, believed to be responsible for more than 100 suicides in Russia.

Fox News and the Sun report that authorities in Spain issued a warning on Twitter, cautioning the public not to download Momo.

“Don’t add ‘Momo’!” the warning reportedly reads.

Authorities in Mexico have also issued a warning. According to Fox News, Computer Crime Investigators from the Mexican State of Tabasco said in a tweet to “avoid talking with strangers,” referring to communication on WhatsApp.

Police in Argentina are continuing to investigate the suspected connection between Momo and the girl’s suicide, and are reportedly searching for an 18-year-old boy they believe may have been involved.