Teens brutally murder mom while she sleeps, then claim she asked them to: Police

Two Nevada teens are behind bars for murder and charged as adults after police say they brutally beat and stabbed their mother to death on July 30, while she slept.

New York Post reports that Michael Wilson (pictured left) and Dakota Saldivar (pictured right), both 17, are accused of murdering their mother, 46-year-old Dawn Liebig, inside her home off of 6381 Wedgewood Street in in Pahrump.

On Monday, Nye County deputies arrived the residence after a man in Idaho called authorities and requested a welfare check on Dawn. The caller stated he did “not trust the children” in the home with their mother. When officers arrived, they discovered Dawn missing, but her cellphone left behind. At the time, a responding deputy indicated that the mom may have been in Las Vegas.

Deputy Armendariz followed up on the case regardless and filed a missing persons report, given that her cellphone was left in the residence. Detective Gibbs then contacted the unidentified man, said to be the father of the suspects. The man reportedly indicated that Dawn had numerous disabilities and “due to the type of family she is in,” he thought she was likely dead.

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After speaking with the father, three detectives visited the home again and spoke with Saldivar and Wilson. The teens allegedly couldn’t keep their stories straight. Both had differing accounts of what happened to their mother. Authorities then searched the suspects’ phone and found incriminating text messages. A text message from Saldivar to an unknown recipient read,”my mom passed away.”

Wilson then reportedly admitted to authorities that, along with Saldivar, they killed their mother after she asked them to do so. He claimed after she died, they buried her in a shallow grave. Wilson led detectives to her body shortly after.

Although Saldivar also admitted to killing his mother, he claimed it happened because “they couldn’t take her complaining.”

FOX5 Las Vegas later obtained police records that provided a more sinister look into the night in question.

According to the records, the brothers hatched the plan to kill their mother in advance. They allegedly planned to stab Dawn in her jugular vein for a quicker death while she slept.Wilson allegedly stabbed his mother in the neck, while Saldivar beat her over the head with a hammer, hitting her around 20 times before he cracked her skull and killed her.

The attack lasted around 25 minutes. At some point during the incident, according to police records, Dawn woke up and screamed out to her sons for help, apparently unaware that her own children were the ones attacking her.

“Further interviews were conducted and both juveniles finally confessed that a few hours prior to the murder, they had a fight with Liebig and were tired of her parenting style and demands on them,” Sgt. Adam Tippetts with the Nye County Sheriff’s Office said during a press release.

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According to Dawn’s Facebook page, she had two other sons. None of the other children have been charged in connection with her murder. She also posted numerous photos of kittens and cats on her page. Police reported they found around 20 cats inside the home. Some of the pets were malnourished.

Both suspects remain behind bars at the Nye County Detention Center. They both face charges of  conspiracy to commit murder,  domestic battery with a deadly weapon, and open murder.

PUBLIC RELEASE — Michael Wilson & Dakota Saldivar both 17 of Pahrump were arrested for the brutal murder of their mother.

Posted by Nye County Sheriff's Office on Wednesday, August 1, 2018


[Feature Photo: Michael Wilson and Dakota Silver/Nye County Sheriff’s Office]