Goat Getaway: Nearly 100 goats mysteriously take over Boise neighborhood, eat ‘everything in sight’ [VIDEO]

Residents in Boise, Idaho, had their neighborhood temporarily taken over Friday morning by dozens of goats that simply appeared out of nowhere.

KARE 11 reports that nearly 100 goats showed up in a quiet neighborhood in West Boise, parading down a residential street and making a feast of residents’ yards.

According to the KARE 11 report, animal control appeared on the scene but soon realized that a single truck would not be enough to herd the animals.

A reporter for KTBE said on Twitter that the goats were going from “house to house, eating everything in sight.”

The same reporter later posted an update, saying that the goats would be returned to where they apparently came from, a company called We Rent Goats.