URGENT: FBI joins search after little boy vanishes who ‘never leaves the front of his house’

The FBI joined local authorities in Colorado on Tuesday, after a 7-year-old boy disappeared near his Denver home.

CBS reports that Jordan Vong was last seen in the Montbello neighborhood of Denver, off of Chambers and Bolling Drive, at around 4:30 p.m. on Monday afternoon. He was wearing grey sweatpants and a grey shirt. Jordan has brown hair, brown eyes, stands 3-foot-7-inches tall and weighs around 40 pounds.

“When a child goes missing we’ll ask people if we can look in their trunks, we’ll ask if we can look in their campers just to see because sometimes the little ones, sometimes think it’s a game of hide and seek. We want to find them and make sure they’re safe,” Spokeswoman for the Denver police, Marika Putnam, said.

The FBI joined the search for Jordan as part of the “Safe Street” operation in conjunction with Denver police. Although authorities are not calling the boy’s disappearance as foul play at this time, they are asking everyone to remain vigilant, as he was missing several hours before his parents reported it.

“We’re asking everyone, if you’re up this morning, you’re having your coffee, take a look in the backyard, look in your shed, check in your car, check anywhere you think a little 7-year-old who is 3-foot-7 could hide because he could be hunkered down somewhere cold. So if he is in the area, please give us a call,” Putnam added.

Authorities said Jordan does not fit the criteria for an AMBER Alert.

Local resident Alondra Morales indicated that the neighborhood is considered a safe community where many children play outside. She said Jordan played outside frequently but didn’t leave his front yard too often.

“It’s a community where all the kids could be outside, the could be playing…..Well, they [the children] said that little boy [Jordan] mostly doesn’t leave the front of his house.”

Anyone with any information on Jordan’s whereabouts should contact their local police immediately.

[Feature Photo: Jordan Vong/Handout]