VIDEO: Teen suffers serious injuries after friend pushes her off 60-foot bridge

‘She said no…and then she pushed her’

Police are investigating after a Washington teen suffered five cracked ribs, a punctured lung, and other internal injuries when her friend reportedly pushed her off a bridge in Moulton Falls.

A video obtained by KOIN shows Jordan Holgerson, 16, and several others atop the 60-foot bridge when it looks like Holgerson is about to jump into the water below. While someone counts down “3, 2, 1,” she changes her mind and begins to explain that she’s going to stop.

Moments later, a pair of arms comes into frame and violently pushes Holgerson off the ledge. Gasps can be heard as the teen plummets 60 feet below into the water.

She is lucky she is not paralyzed or dead. We’re lucky she is going to recover and not have permanent injuries,” the girl’s mother, Genelle Holgerson, told Thoroughbred Daily News by phone from the hospital where her daughter is being treated.

Genelle said her daughter also suffered a bruised esophagus, an injured trachea, and got air trapped inside the lining of her lungs. Her family told KOIN that Jordan could be out of the hospital in a couple days.

Recounting the incident, Jordan told KGW that she was “aware and awake” as she slammed into the water. She said she likely would’ve drowned had not someone swam into the water to rescue her.

The teen’s mother said the friend who pushed Jordan off the bridge is an adult woman who was annoyed that Jordan wouldn’t jump off the bridge on her own. Jordan claimed the friend has since apologized for her actions but the teen said it isn’t enough.

“It could’ve ended a lot worse,” she said.

The Clark County Sheriff’s Office confirmed to KGW Thursday that a criminal investigation is underway.

[Featured Image: KOIN video screengrab]