Pilot flies plane into family home hours after domestic violence arrest involving wife: Police

A Utah man died Monday when he reportedly flew a plane into his home hours after he was arrested for assaulting his wife.

Police said Duane Youd, 47, crashed into the Payton home he purchased with his wife a year before. The suspect’s wife and son were home at the time but were unharmed, according to KSL.

Per KSTU, Payson Police Department Sergeant Noemi Sandoval said Youd was arrested Sunday night following a domestic dispute with his wife. Witnesses claimed Youd had dragged and punched his wife during the altercation.

Utah County Sheriff’s Office Sergeant Spencer Cannon said officers responded to the home following reports that Youd dragged his wife out of a pickup truck. When she jumped into the bed of the truck, Youd allegedly began driving recklessly and swerving the vehicle.

Youd was released at 12:30 a.m. Monday after posting bail. He reportedly crashed into the home at around 2:30 a.m.

We believe his crashing into the home was deliberate,” Sandoval said, according to the Daily Herald.

Sandoval claimed Youd flew the Cessna 525 citation jet between two homes and under a power line before colliding with a car parked in front of the home. She believes the plane would’ve had made more direct contact with the home if the car wasn’t there.

She said the jet belonged to VanCon Construction in Springville, where Youd worked as a pilot.

The National Transportation Safety Board is investigating Monday’s incident and will release a report in the next few days.

[Featured image: Duane Youd/Police handout]