Jilted girlfriend murder suspect jokes about giving victim ‘a nose job’ when she allegedly shot him in the face: Witness report

A retrial for Shayna Hubers, an Ohio woman who fatally shot her boyfriend in the face in 2012, has taken a shocking turn with testimony from the suspect’s cell mates—one who claims that she joked about giving the victim “the nose job he always wanted.”

According to a report in Cincinatti.com, prosecutors allege that the now-27-year-old Hubers shot her boyfriend, Ryan Poston, 29, on October 12, 2012 in cold blood, though she has claimed she shot him in self-defense. While the suspect was handed down a murder conviction in 2015, the case was later ruled a mistrial due to a juror’s prior felony conviction.

The defense team for Hubers argued for another mistrial Wednesday, on the basis that a witness made a reference to their client’s previous trial. Cincinatti.com reports that the judge denied the motion.

Poston, an attorney, was shot to death by Hubers on the same day he reportedly had a date with Audrey Bolte, who served as Miss Ohio in 2012. The suspect and her defense claim the shooting was done in self-defense, but prosecutors say otherwise—arguing that the woman shot him because he broke up with her, according to WCPO. Three cellmates who took the stand at the mistrial are claiming the suspect’s story that she was trying to defend herself isn’t true.

Cecily Miller said while she was in jail with Hubers, the suspect showed no remorse and even cracked jokes about Poston’s death.

“And then she said ‘I gave him the nose job he always wanted,’” Miller reportedly said on the stand, referring to a conversation she allegedly had with her former cellmate.

Another cellmate, Holly Nivens, said she overheard Hubers telling her mother over the phone that Poston’s family could afford to buy another son.

The incriminating evidence against Hubers continued when a third cellmate, Donna Dooley, spoke of yet another apparent conversation Hubers had with her mother.

“She would get on the phone and cry and sing to her mom and say there’s worse crimes than murder,” Dooley reportedly stated under oath.

Highland Heights Police Chief Bill Birkenhauer also took the stand Monday, describing Hubers and Poston’s 18-month relationship as being tumultuous—testifying that the suspect sent hundreds of harassing texts to the victim and often blocked women from from contacting him via Facebook.

Today the defense is scheduled to question Hubers regarding what exactly transpired the night of the killing, Fox 19 reports.


[Feature image: Ryan Poston, family handout]