Suspected wife-killer calls news stations, confesses to murdering her with a crowbar, attempting to kill daughter: Report

A suspect in Utah called the media to confess after allegedly bludgeoning his estranged wife to death with a crowbar, and attempting to kill his 13-year-old daughter in a fit of rage Wednesday morning—all over an apparent domestic dispute, Fox 13 reports.

According to Unified police, 54-year-old Walter Brantzeg surrendered to authorities and was subsequently arrested after leaving the scene of the crime and calling multiple media outlets.

Brantzeg spoke with a news manager at Fox 13, the station reports, reportedly confessing to the slaying of his wife, 50-year-old Valerie Brantzeg, and the attack of the daughter they had together. The call ended when officers arrived at the scene to arrest the suspected killer, according to the news station.

After going to the home near the River Bend Apartments in Millcreek at approximately 7:30 a.m., Brantzeg allegedly began attacking the females with a crowbar. The teenage girl, suffering head injuries, was apparently able to get away and alert neighbors to call 911, Desert News reports.

“When officers arrived they did find this female deceased,” Unified Police Lt. Melody Gray said, according to Fox 13. “She had been bludgeoned, it appears with a crowbar. In addition to that, a 13-year-old daughter was also injured with that same weapon.”

a added that the girl is currently in critical condition at Primary Children’s Hospital.

Court records show Valerie had filed for temporary separation from her husband on July 31.

[Feature photo: Valerie Brantzeg, KSL TV screengrab]