[VIDEO] Witness describes chaos as ‘at least 40 or 50 people’ rush for safety during Jacksonville shooting

Police say the suspected gunman is among those killed during a mass shooting at an e-gaming tournament in Jacksonville, Florida, on Sunday.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, a number of victims and witnesses have shared their own experiences.

One witness said he saw two or three individuals killed during the shooting spree and identified the gunman as a losing competitor who killed himself after opening fire on the crowd.

Another attendee shared his perspective in an interview with CNN.

“Once I heard the shooting I just ducked down and crawled toward the restroom,” he said. “I didn’t even look nowhere. I just crawled to the restroom and just stayed in there.”

He added that “at least 40 or 50 people” joined him in rushing for cover.

“They were just running around, everyone,” he said.

Alemon explained that he was in the stall for a short time before he was sure the shooting had stopped.

“I was there for like 10 minutes at the most,” he said. “Everything calmed down. Everything was quiet.”

Once he exited the restroom, Alemon said he saw the chaotic scene that the shooting left behind.

“Everybody was just cryihg, yelling,” he said. “All I did was just run out. And when I ran out, everybody was just running all around.”

[Featured image: AP Photo/Laura Heald]