Boy who disappeared over a year ago after witnessing his father’s murder is FOUND SAFE

A 15-year-old Ohio boy who vanished last year after witnessing his father’s murder has been found safe in Ohio, according to a Tuesday morning news conference with the Sugarcreek Police Department.

FOX45 reports that authorities found Jacob Caldwell living in a basement of a home in Miami Township. When police discovered the boy, it appeared that he wasn’t restrained to the basement and could come and go as he liked. However, authorities noted that Jacob didn’t seem well-socialized with other children.

Investigators found Jacob after a tip from an anonymous caller. The tipster, according to Chief Michael Brown with Sugarcreek Police Department, seemed to be “very credible” by offering specific detailed information.

After locating him, authorities took Jacob to the Greene County Juvenile Detention where he’s facing an “unruly charge” stemming from runaway incident in Beavercreek. Four adults at the home, according to Brown, seemed surprised to see police show up at their door.

It’s not clear yet what charges, if any, the adults will face. Brown indicated that Jacob wasn’t abducted, but instead encouraged by family members to run away after he saw his father killed.

Brown said more information is expected to be released on Thursday.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, Jacob witnessed the fatal shooting of his father, Robert Caldwell, in a parking lot in Riverside, in August 2017. The child’s mother, Tawnney Caldwell, is behind bars, indicted in connection with Robert Caldwell’s death.

Robert Caldwell was granted custody of Jacob and his brothers just days before the fatal shooting.

Shortly after the murder, Jacob vanished from Sugarcreek Township on August 21.

Prior to locating Jacob, the last time authorities spotted him was on August 21, 2017, after obtaining surveillance footage from a local Walmart, that showed the boy walking outside of the store.

“We did see him in front of the Walmart, walking around. It gives us an impression that he was waiting for a ride,” Chief Michael Brown of the Sugarcreek Township Police told WDTN.

Brown also indicated that the boy’s mother has been uncooperative in assisting authorities with Jacob’s disappearance.

“I could not even count how many times we have reached out to her in terms of phone calls and as far as visiting her house in the area,” Brown said last year.

The mother remains behind bars for the murder of Robert Caldwell, but hasn’t been charged in connection with Jacob’s disappearance. Five other people were also indicted for the Robert Caldwell’s murder.

The story is still developing. Check back with CrimeOnline as additional details become available.

[Feature Photo: Jacob Caldwell/Handout]