VIRAL VIDEO: Dad tied girl to back of van as punishment

A Turkish man is in hot water after being filmed driving with his 13-year-old daughter tied to a bike rack on the back of his minivan this week.

The disturbing video was filmed by occupants driving behind the vehicle on a rural road of Cankiri, Central Turkey, before going viral, the West Australian reports. The publicity reportedly led to local police investigating the incident, and the father was subsequently arrested.

The recording shows the girl tied to the back of a gray van as the vehicle moves along.

It is not clear what charges the father may face for the alleged crime, though the girl’s brother apparently told Turkish media outlet Anadolu that the girl “enjoyed” the ride and wasn’t placed there against her will.

“My father wanted to make her happy,” the 22-year-old sibling reportedly said. “It was not something forced upon her. He drove at 20 kilometres per hour at most and drove only about 700 metres with my sister at the back.”

[Feature photo: Screengrab, Twitter/@Ozkok_]