Shopper allegedly caught rubbing produce on bare bottom inside Giant grocery store

Police in Virginia arrested a man at a grocery store Saturday after a shopper allegedly saw him pull his pants down and rub produce on his bare buttocks before putting it back on the shelf.

According to the Manassas Patch, the Giant Food grocery store had to throw out multiple pallets of produce due to Michael Dwayne Johnson’s actions, resulting in a loss of $46.51. Manassas Senior Police Officer Charles Sharp told USA Today that Johnson, 27, was with another person who won’t be charged in connection with Saturday’s incident.

Johnson has since denied pulling down his pants and rubbing produce on his butt to WJLA, revealing to the outlet it was a prank for a YouTube video. He said he’s optimistic that prosecutors will realize that it was a practical joke that has been blown out of proportion.

The Virginia man is charged with indecent exposure and destruction of property. Giant Food spokesperson Daniel Wolk declined Patch’s request for comment, citing an ongoing investigation.

[Featured Image: Michael Dwayne Johnson/Manassas City Police]