Brooke Adkins

College student says Uber driver tried to KIDNAP her, jumped out of a moving car to save her life

An Uber driver was arrested for allegedly refusing to let a rider leave her car, prompting the rider to open up a window and jump out in fear for her life.

According to the Tampa Bay TimesDestiny Green, 30, is facing false imprisonment and kidnapping charges for an incident that Brooke Adkins, 19, chronicled in a now-viral tweet. Police told the news outlet that Green had taken Adkins from a Tallahassee nightclub to a friend’s apartment near Florida State University on Wednesday at around 3 a.m., but Green allegedly asked Adkins if they could ride together longer, to which she obliged.

“I was already at my destination and she asked me if I could ride around more with her, I told her she could take me around the block but to keep the meter on (just in case) and after that she would not let me get out of the car,” she wrote on Twitter.

Reports indicated that Florida State University Police pulled over Green during the brief ride. While the reason Green was pulled over is unclear, Adkins said she felt uncomfortable and asked Green to let her out, to which she refused, according to police.

Instead, Green allegedly said she was taking Adkins to the hospital. Adkins told police that she asked Green to let her out the car at every stop light and Green repeatedly told her no. At 3:45 a.m., Adkins called 911 from the back seat and said, “help me,” according to WFTS.

Moments later, she reportedly rolled down the window and jumped out the moving vehicle, suffering cuts and bruises to her feet and legs. WCTV reported that the teen ran to a nearby parking lot and called police who ultimately tracked down Green’s vehicle.

The Tallahassee Democrat reported that investigators made contact with Green but she refused to speak with them. Investigators who later went to Green’s home reportedly recognized her from a previous incident where her mother tried to have her committed under the Baker Act. At the time, officers determined she wasn’t eligible, the newspaper reported.

Green allegedly said Adkins asked to go to the hospital, though Green couldn’t explain why the rider wanted to go. Police said Green also claimed she did hear Adkins ask to be let out the car. According to WCTV, the report noted that Green “made out of context comments and appeared paranoid.”

Uber confirmed to BuzzFeed News that Green has been removed from their app.

[Featured image: Twitter]