Confusion, chaos at Jessica Chambers murder trial as hung jury asks to review more evidence

The jurors at the murder trial of Quinton Tellis, accused of burning 19-year-old Jessica Chambers alive in December 2014, have asked to review evidence as they continue to deliberate on Monday.

Earlier Monday, the jury told the judge that they could not agree on a verdict, but he order them back for further deliberations. Later, they gave the judge a note saying that they still could not come to a unanimous decision.

After the jury broke for lunch, they reportedly gave the judge another note. A reporter for WREG said on Twitter that it was a request to review evidence that had been presented during proceedings.

At the start of the second day of jury deliberations, Judge Gerald Chatham reportedly said that someone took a phone into the courtroom on Sunday and used it to take a photo of the jurors, which they then posted to Facebook. That person was later revealed to be a female relative of Quinton Tellis.

But on Monday afternoon, a reporter for Law & Crime posted on Twitter new information from her conversation with the chief of police in Batesville, who told her that the earlier report was not accurate — the person had not taken a photo of the jurors while inside the courtroom.

A reporter for the Commercial Appeal said in a tweet that it did not appear the woman would be facing any charges.

But he later clarified his statement to add that authorities are still looking into what, if anything, was posted on social media regarding the jury.

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