Jilted lover Shayna Hubers receives life sentence at retrial for murder of attorney boyfriend, will be up for parole IN ONLY 14 YEARS

A retrial for Shayna Hubers, an Ohio woman who fatally shot her boyfriend in the face in 2012, ended in a life sentence on Thursday—though she will be up for parole in just 14 years.

The woman killed her boyfriend, 29-year-old Ryan Poston, on October 12, 2012.

Poston, an attorney, was shot to death by Hubers on the same day he had a date with Audrey Bolte, who served as Miss Ohio in 2012, CrimeOnline previously reported. The convicted killer and her defense claimed the shooting was done in self-defense, but prosecutors said otherwise—arguing that the woman shot him because he broke up with her.

While Hubers, now 27, was initially handed down a murder conviction in 2015 that ended in a 40-year sentence, the case was later ruled a mistrial due to a juror’s prior felony conviction.

The defense team for Hubers argued for yet another mistrial in August, on the basis that a witness made a reference to their client’s previous trial. However, a judge denied the motion.

Judge Daniel Zalla agreed with a jury’s recommendation of a life sentence, and reminded Hubers at Thursday’s sentencing that she had killed her boyfriend by shooting him “six times,” according to the Cincinnati Enquirer.  

“Your actions that evening were grossly violent and intentionally calculated to cause his death,” Zalla said.

“It’s never over,” the slain man’s mother, Lisa Carter, stated in court yesterday.  

Further, Poston’s father, Jay Poston, requested that the judge in the case “do what he could to delay Hubers’ release.”  

“Evil, for reasons only evil knows, took it upon herself to take from us that which she could never possess,” the grieving father said.

Hubers will be eligible for parole in 14 years, on the basis that she has already served six years behind bars.

[Feature Photo: Ryan Poston/Family handout]