Dad confronts his son’s bully—and befriends him after learning he’s homeless

A Texas father said he decided to treat his 8-year-old son’s bully with kindness and generosity after learning that the boy was also being bullied for being homeless.

As reported by KHOU, Houston dad Aubrey Fontenot posted a video to social media in which he is seen taking Tamarion, his son’s alleged bully, on a shopping spree in addition to the pair enjoying some songs in his car. The father later shared a picture of Tamarion and his son Jordan sitting on the couch playing video games. The caption on the image reads, “Problem solved.”

Fontenot told KHOU that he decided to confront Tamarion one day and ended being heartbroken after hearing about his home life. He said the school hadn’t done much to quell the bullying but did hint at Tamarion dealing with turmoil outside of school.

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The father tweeted that he called Tamarion’s mother and learned that they were homeless and living in a hotel. He said Tamarion was being teased for not having clean shoes and clothes.

“I asked ‘Who? You’re big, who is picking on you?’ He said ‘All the other kids, they make fun of me,’” the dad told the news station, recalling his conversation with his son’s tormentor.

Fontenot said he was angry at first but wanted to see if trying “something different” with Tamarion would work. He said he had the two boys sit face-to-face and settle their problems.

In addition to opening his home to Tamarion, Fontenot has started a GoFundMe to support Tamarion and his family. The fundraiser has garnered nearly $25,000 as of Monday evening.

The Houston dad recently said in a Facebook post that the boys have “been hanging out” ever since.

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[Featured image: Aubrey Fontenot/Facebook; Tamarion, Jordan/GoFundMe