Suspects enjoy a meal of burgers & chicken after brutally murdering, dismembering Joey Comunale: Prosecutors

Prosecutors say two men, who allegedly murdered a man in cold blood at a luxury Manhattan apartment in 2016, enjoyed a meal of “organic burgers and chicken bites” after the killing, the New York Post reports.

James Rackover, 27, and co-defendant Larry Dilione, 30, are on trial for the gruesome slaying of Joseph Comunale, of Connecticut, following a night of heavy partying that reportedly entailed drinking booze and drugs.

Following the alleged murder, prosecutors said Rackover ordered nearly $80 worth of grub from Bareburger restaurant.

Reading from a invoice in court Thursday, Assistant District Attorney Rachel Ehrhardt said the post-killing menu included “buffalo chicken bites, beef burger, medium rare, brioche bun, add county bun,” according to the newspaper.

The suspects are accused of eating the meal as their victim lay dead in a bathtub of Rackover’s Grand Sutton co-op tower apartment.

After ordering food, the duo allegedly drove the victim’s body to New Jersey before setting it ablaze and disposing of it in a shallow makeshift grave behind a floral store.

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Further, an invoice from the following morning shows that while on the job, Rackover ordered yet another large meal—which included “a French vanilla iced coffee, oatmeal, a western omelette and a side of Irish sausage,” according to The Post.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, an argument over cigarettes apparently ignited a fight between Comunale and Dilione. Dilione told police that he beat up Comunale. From there, he said Rackover continued the attack on the victim, stabbing him and attempting to cut his limbs off with a serrated knife.

[Feature Photo: Joseph Comunale/Family Handout]