‘Sociopath’ teen accused of strangling architect mom to death over a bad grade is not getting out of jail: Report

A Florida teen who allegedly strangled his mother the death over a poor report card grade and buried her under a church fire pit has reportedly been ordered by a judge to remain in a juvenile detention facility, according to the Daytona Beach News-Journal.

Gregory Ramos, 15, of DeBary, who was shackled and wearing a dark shirt and pants, briefly appeared Sunday morning before Volusia County Judge Angela Dempsey where he was formally charged in the first-degree premeditated murder of his mother 46-year-old Gail Cleavenger, Channel 9 reported.

Other than confirming his identity, Ramos said nothing as Dempsey read the charges against him and appointed public defender Larry Powers to represent him.

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Ramos’ alleged 17-year-old accomplices, Dylan Ceglarek, and Brian Porras, suspected of  helping stage a burglary at Ramos’ home to conceal the crime, were ordered by Dempsey to be transferred from a detention facility and placed in home confinement where they will have to wear ankle monitors, the newspaper reported.

As previously reported, Ramos allegedly had an argument on Thursday with Cleavenger, over a “D” that appeared on a recent report card. Hours later, he allegedly snuck into her bedroom while she was sleeping and strangled her, the News-Journal said.

The Daily Mail reported it took about half-hour and two tries before Ramos was able to kill  Cleavenger, who is an architect.  Volusia County Sheriff Mike Chitwood reportedly described Ramos as “soulless” adding the suspect and his two alleged accomplices are “sociopaths.”

Then allegedly after staging a burglary at the home he reportedly loaded her body into the family’s van and drove her to a church where he buried her underneath a fire pit, according to the newspaper.

Volusia County Sheriff’s Department Officials reportedly said Ramos made a 9-1-1 call and concocted an elaborate story about his mother’s disappearance that quickly fell apart when she failed to show up for work, the News-Journal reported.

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[[Feature Photo: Gregory Ramos and Gail Cleavenger/ Volusia County Sheriff’s Office]