Jodi Arias ‘tweets’ from prison, gets death threats and complains about not getting her favorite stylist behind bars: Report

Notorious killer Jodi Arias apparently got death threats while sending out messages to a social media account, at least according to her prison file.

NBC’s 11Alive reports that the Arizona Department of Corrections released Arias’ inmate file, a total of 100 pages that in part, document threats made to Arias’ life. According to the documents, a female accomplice and an unnamed person threatened to put money on the “books” of another inmate, in order for the inmate to physically attack Arias.

Arias apparently complained that her life had been threatened, stating an inmate told her, “I’m going to [expletive] kill you [expletive] the same way you killed [redacted name],” during recreation time at the Perryville Prison in Goodyear, Arizona.

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The documents also stated that in February 2016, Arias was written up for a disciplinary infraction after she became upset after she didn’t get her hair done by the stylist she requested. Court documents indicated she was disrespectful to staff, calling a prison guard an “offensive term.”

Another report in the documents stated that Arias connected to Twitter via a phone call made to someone. She asked a friend during the call to announce on Twitter that she hadn’t had water for days at the prison. The same Twitter account used to make the announcement is reportedly still active today. Arias has sent out several tweets via the account, including solicitation for money via GoFundMe, an update that she received a flu shot, and the address to Perryville Prison.

Several family members remain on Arias’ visitor list. Marc McGee, allegedly a friend of victim of Travis Alexander before his death, is also on the visitor list.

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[Feature Photo: Jodi Arias/Police Handout]