‘If you’re gonna kill me, I want to see your face’: Undaunted manager shoots back at suspect robbing store, tries to grab mask off of his face [VIDEO]

A Louisiana store manager single-handedly thwarted two would-be robbers who crept into the wrong business on Monday.

ABC3 reports that around 10:19 p.m. on Monday night, two masked men walked into the First Stop Liquor Store in Cullen and demanded money. One of the robbers pointed a gun directly at Sahim Hassan, the manager at the family-owned store. The gesture didn’t seem to faze Hassan. She tried to pulled the suspect’s mask off.

“If you’re gonna kill me, I want to see your face,” Hassan told one of the men, according to employee Lindsey Ward, who spoke with BlueLivesMatter about the incident.

According to Cullen Police Chief, Rosette Harris, one of the men told the other suspect to grab the money in the cash register. Hassan wasn’t having it. She walked to the cash register and pulled the would-be robber away. When she looked away briefly, the suspect shot her in the leg.

Hassan then pulled out her own gun, .45 caliber pistol, and shot at the men as they fled the store. She then limped toward the door in an attempt to stop them. According to Ward, Hassan shot one of the men in the shoulder.

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During the tussle, one of the accomplices left behind a jacket and slippers. Authorities are currently testing the items for DNA. Ward told BlueLivesMatter that both suspects have been apprehended. One of the men has been identified as Tomario Nabors. The identity of the other suspect is not yet known.

Ward added that the men are reportedly suspects in a string of robberies in Arkansas.

According to FOX31, Hassan was treated at the Ochsner LSU Health Shreveport. She’s at home recovering.

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[Feature Photo: Screenshot/Cullen Police]