Mother complains after young daughter’s teacher stages graphic ‘crime scene’ depicting elf’s murder

A mother in the United Kingdom are upset over a lesson one class at the Flowery Field Primary School in Hyde completed this week.

According to the U.K. Sun, a teacher staged what the upset woman described as “a crime scene in one of the classrooms” as part of a holiday-themed plan.

As the Manchester Evening News reported, a social media account linked to the school seemed to confirm the report and included photos of the mock crime scene.

“The idea was Elf had been murdered by another Elf,” the unnamed parent said, adding that her daughter was “absolutely traumatized” by the lesson and could not sleep later that night.

According to reports, the educator even added stage blood to the scene to create a realistic appearance.

The mother, whose daughter was described as a 9-year-old student at the school, said there “was police tape and a table had been knocked over” as part of the decoration.

She said she does not try to shield her kids from potentially upsetting themes, but nevertheless believed this lesson was beyond the pale.

“I am very open with my children and I understand you can’t protect them from everything,” she said. “But my child was very upset last night and had to sleep in my bed.”

Head teacher Ian Fell, however, said the overall reception among students was positive.

“The children were all excited and they really did buy into it,” he said. “One of the children said to me, ‘I am definitely being a detective when I grow up.'”

According to Fell, none of the 90 pupils given the assignment “showed anything but full engagement.”

[Featured image: Flowery Fields, Twitter]