Shocking allegations against…Santa? Join Nancy Grace and friends in a new comedy podcast miniseries

The Paragon Collective launched a four-part musical Christmas comedy podcast on Tuesday, featuring CrimeOnline‘s Nancy Grace, along with several other celebrities who delve into the mysterious and shocking allegations coming straight out of the North Pole.

Broadway World reports that the podcast, entitled “The First Mrs. Claus,” will premiere every Tuesday on iTunes and wherever podcasts are available, until its finale during the Christmas holidays.

Nancy, who plays herself, will emerge listeners in a story about the “People vs. Hot Coco,” which takes place inside a fictional courtroom as lawyer Salvatore Vation (played by Cecil Baldwin) charges Hot Coco “Mrs. Claus” (played by Michelle Visage) with the murder of her former boyfriend, Santa Claus.

“In my search for the truth I insist you not rush to judgment until you hear the entire podcast and verdict for yourself,” Nancy told CrimeOnline.

The story primarily revolves around Hot Coco’s life, as she explains that the world has been lied to about Christmas, and that she herself concocted the entire idea that eventually became Santa, elves, and reindeer. According to Hot Coco, she was never the meek wife of Santa who stood to the side and baked cookies while he loaded his sled with toys each year.

Instead, Hot Coco said her ex- boyfriend (played by Lewis Black) dubbed himself as “Santa Claus,” then proceeded to “steal the entire operation.” Once the Santa Claus idea took off, Black dumped Hot Coco for a new woman (played by Kristin Chenoweth).

“Hot Coco has been sitting silently on this lie for years. She dreamed up the whole shebang — and then found herself tossed out like a stocking full of coal when her boyfriend at the time,” the podcast description reads. “Ari stole the entire operation when things took off. He decided to ditch Coco in favor of a new and more proper wife…Carol.”

RuPaul, who also appears in the miniseries, told Broadway World that the new twist on the tale of Santa will explain karma and “dual reality.”

“The story of Santa Claus is a simple way to teach young people about karma and speak to the dual reality that we live in,” RuPaul said. “This is a fun way to keep the storyline going and put our spin on all of it.”

Other guests on the podcast include Ross Matthews, Josh Peck, David Cummings, Ray Dalton, Camila Recchio and more.

Click here to listen to the first two episodes, now available, or listen to the first episode below.

[Feature Photo: Nancy Grace via CrimeOnline/RuPaul via AP, Jordan Strauss, Invision/Kristin Chenoweth via AP, Jordan Strauss]