Missing Colorado pilot Kelsey Berreth does not live with fiance Patrick Frazee because he lives with his mother

A relative of missing Colorado mother Kelsey Berreth says she she moved to Colorado two years ago to be closer to her now-fiancé Patrick Frazee, but found her own place to live because Frazee still lives with his mother.

Local news station KOAA interviewed Kelsey Berreth’s uncle, Ed Stanfill, who said that Berreth had moved to Colorado from Washington State in 2016 in order to be closer to Frazee. The couple would later become engaged and have a daughter together.

Stanfill said that Berreth chose to get her own place in Woodland Park because Frazee lives with his mother on his 35-acre property in Florissant, about 15 miles away.

Authorities executed a search warrant on the property on Friday, but concluded the search on Sunday without finding Berreth, 29. It is not yet known what, if any, other evidence was found. Frazee has not been named a person of interest, though police said at a news conference on Friday that they wish to speak to him directly. As of that time, Frazee was communicating with police only through his lawyer.

Berreth’s uncle told the news station that Berreth took a job with Doss Aviation after moving to Colorado. Three days after Berreth’s Thanksgiving Day disappearance, two text messages were sent from her phone: One to her employer, saying she would be taking the upcoming week off, and another to Frazee. Authorities have not disclosed the contents of the message sent to Frazee, who did not call police about Berreth. Her mother reported her missing 10 days after she vanished.

Frazee is believed to be the last person to have seen Berreth, when the couple met to hand off their one-year-old daughter, who remains in Frazee’s custody.

It is not yet known if investigators are interviewing Frazee’s mother.

Stanfill told KOAA he is not sure how Berreth and Frazee first met.

“She’s a pilot,” he said. “She knows a lot of people.”