‘Someone else out there’: Investigator predicts more arrests in Kelsey Berreth murder case, says authorities must have DNA evidence

A former police chief-turned-private investigator has weighed in on the case of missing Colorado pilot and mother Kelsey Berreth, now presumed dead after authorities charged her fiancé Patrick Frazee with murder.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, Frazee, the father of Berreth’s one-year-old daughter, was arrested on Friday and charged with first-degree murder as well as solicitation for murder hours after multiple law enforcement agencies performed a search of Berreth’s Woodland Park home for at least the third time in the investigation. Berreth went missing on Thanksgiving Day and Frazee is believed to be the last person to see her.

KRDO spoke to private investigator Dan Corsentino, formerly the Fountain Police Chief, about what he anticipates will unfold as the investigation continues.

“When they tack on the solicitation charge it tells me there may be someone else out there that could be involved in this case,” Corsentino said. “They may have even been approached to commit a crime or participated in this crime.”

At a news conference to announce Frazee’s arrest on Friday, authorities said they believe the crime took place in Berreth’s home. A neighbor in Woodland Park reported seeing a truck she believed belongs to Patrick Frazee parked sideways behind Berreth’s two vehicles in the early afternoon of Thanksgiving Day.

Dan Corsentino told KRDO he believes that investigators likely found DNA evidence at the scene that allowed them to charge Frazee with Berreth’s murder in the absence of a body.

“The first thing investigators are looking for is to try and connect Frazee through blood splatter, blood, to try and find the location where the crime took place and then you are looking for DNA,” Corsentino said.

According to the report, the private investigator believes authorities must be in possession of DNA evidence connected Frazee to the presumed murder.

Berreth’s phone “pinged” outside of Gooding, Idaho, on November 25, three days after her disappearance and the same day that two messages were sent from her phone to her employer, and to Frazee. Over the weekend, local news outlets reported that evidence connected to the case had been found near Twin Falls, Idaho, about 40 miles from Goodings, and that the Twin Falls police were now aiding in the investigation and preparing search warrants. Authorities did not specify what type of evidence had been found in Idaho.

“They are going to continue to build the technology side of the case. The forensic side of the case, and they are going to be able to present it clearly.” Corsentino told KRDO. “The second question is will they be able to locate Kelsey.”