‘I still feel bad’: 75-year-old fatally shoots suspected robber in front of his home

Authorities in Wisconsin say a woman is dead following an apparent attempted residential robbery after a 75-year-old resident opened fire on her and another individual.

According to Fox News, Henry Bell reportedly returned to his residence in Milwaukee last week to find a group of would-be robbers. He claims a male told him to give him money.

“I just kept on walking and then I heard a gun snap twice,” he said in an interview with WITI.

As he attempted to make his way inside the home on Wednesday night, his sister, Helen Smith, said the suspects tried to “pull him down the stairs and rob him.”

Bell’s mother, Hazel Kendrix, was prepared inside with a firearm, telling reporters that her arthritis made it impossible for her to fire the weapon.

“I couldn’t shoot it,” she said. “I couldn’t get my finger right. I handed it to him and he shot it.”

A social media statement from the Milwaukee Police Department revealed that emergency personnel who responded to the scene were unable to save the 32-year-old woman shot in the incident.

“Preliminary investigation reveals that robbery may be the motive behind the shooting,” police said.

Responding officers briefly detained Bell but released him as an investigation into the matter continues. He could still face criminal charges related to the shooting.

“I still feel bad and tears come out of my eyes every time I think about it,” he said of the shooting, though Smith said he “had no choice” but to respond to the threat.

“They are lowlife scum,” she said, adding that Bell has previously been the victim of a robbery.

“They’re targeting old people,” Smith added, calling her brother “an easy target.”

[Featured image: video screenshot]