Police search for clues in triple homicide that left 3 family members dead, killed by ‘dozens of bullets’: Report

Washington authorities are searching for clues following the discovery of three bodies, including a father, his son, and the son’s girlfriend, who were killed by a barrage of bullets.

Officials were called to a property, located at 52 Bear Meadow in Port Angeles, on Monday to perform a welfare check, the Seattle Times reported. Relatives who contacted authorities reportedly became concerned after not hearing from 57-year-old Darrell Iverson, and the man’s 27-year-old son, Jordan Iverson, who lived at a home on the land.

Police said upon arrival, they secured scene through the evening, so they could perform a search during daylight hours the following morning.

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“We had to wait for the State Patrol to get there to organize enough individuals to do an effective search and use the advantage of daylight,” Staff Sgt. John Keegan told the newspaper. “You don’t want to miss things in a case like this.”

On Tuesday morning at approximately 10 a.m., officials said they discovered the bodies of the father and son, along with the son’s girlfriend, 26-year-old Tiffany May, who also resided at the home. The males’ remains were found along a driveway, “covered by tarps and other objects,” police said.

Police discovered May’s body inside of a shed housed on the five-acre property, which reportedly housed transients.

According to the Peninsula Daily News, the victims likely died the day after Christmas, based on footage from a neighbor’s dash camera, which captured the tarps in the driveway on that day.

The sheriff said approximately 20 members of law enforcement were involved with investigating the scene, where he said “dozens” of bullets were unloaded.

“In law enforcement terms, we call this a rather complex scene,” Clallam County Sheriff Bill Benedict  told the Daily News. “There are shell casings all around and there’s a whole lot to process.”

Benedict said detectives believe the victims’ knew their killer, and don’t believe the public to be in danger.

“The way that the scene presents itself, it appears it was done by somebody who is or was known to all three of the victims,” Benedict said. “The public always has to be alert, but this doesn’t appear to be a serial killer.”

While the sheriff added that there are several  “persons of interest,” he said it is believed a lone gunman killed the trio based on evidence. Further, it was noted by detectives that none of the transients known to frequent the property were present during the grisly discovery.

The sister of Darrell Iverson expressed shock to the Seattle Times as to why the three would’ve been targeted.

“We’re just kind of watching our backs, to be blunt about it,” Wendy Peterson said. “We don’t know what’s going on.”

Anyone with information pertaining to the case is urged to call a tip line created by authorities at 360-417-2540.

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[Feature Photo: Tiffany May & Darrell Iverson, Facebook]