MISSING: Mom takes search for kidnapped baby boy into her own hands, says she’s ‘fed up’ with police pointing fingers at her family: Report

The mother of a 8-month-old baby abducted from a San Antonio gas station on Friday is apparently taking matters into her own hands after she claimed local police aren’t doing enough to help.

NBC4 reports Jasmine Gonzales’ son, King Jay Davila, disappeared Friday night from the city’s West Side after a woman reportedly stole a car at a Friends gas station off of the 300 block of Enrique Barrera Parkway. The baby’s father, Christopher Davila, left the infant in his white Dodge Dart, which he left running with driver’s side door unlocked as he walked inside the store. When he walked out of the store, the car was gone.

Police later found the vehicle abandoned close to Rodriguez Park, with the baby and his car seat missing. Davila was subsequently arrested for child endangerment.

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“Detectives have been working around the clock since this happened last night and they continue to work as we speak,” San Antonio Police Chief William McManus said on Saturday, according to San Antonio Express News.

Apparently, the baby’s mother doesn’t agree.

“We’re doing a search party for my son, apparently the cops are doing everything they can but I feel like they’re not so I’m trying to get more people out there to help,” Jasmine Gonzales told NBC4.

Meanwhile, authorities are focusing on Davila after watching the convenience store’s security footage, which shows a woman wearing a grey hoodie make a beeline toward the car. McManus said the suspect walked to the car with “no hesitation.” They feel Davila knows the woman and is not being honest.

“As you can see from her walking up, there is no hesitation, no looking around, no wondering if she’s going to get in this car or not. She knows where she going and what she’s doing.”

Authorities said Davila and the baby’s mother aren’t cooperating with police. Gonzales apparently doesn’t believe that Davila, her fiance, had anything to do with the kidnapping.

“I know he has nothing to do with it, I know he has nothing to do with it, he loves his kids he loves his kids for sure,” Gonzales said. “I never doubt anything about that.”

According to court records, Gonzales is married to another man, although a divorce has been pending for six months. It was filed by Gonzales. Her husband denied he was the father of King, according to an affidavit obtained by NBC4. Davila signed the affidavit, confirming he was the baby’s father.

On a phone call from jail, Davila told reporters that not only have they been cooperative in the search, but that authorities keep “doing the same thing and not getting anywhere.”

“Their focus is somewhere else. They just need to focus all their information on where the car was located at.”

Gonzales told CBS5 she was fed up with the police pointing fingers at her family and that she “knows nothing” and just wants her son back.

King was wearing a blue onesie when he disappeared, and has a scratch over his left eye. The suspect, a white or Hispanic female, was wearing a light colored hoodie and tan pants. She pulled the hood of her shirt over her head and looked down as she approached the vehicle.

Anyone with any information on the missing baby’s whereabouts should call 911 immediately.

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[Feature Photo: King James Davila/Handout]