Wednesday Crime Stories: Manicurist-mom murdered over $35 manicure, nail salon client on the run!

The woman named as a suspect in the hit-and-run killing of a Las Vegas nail salon owner is still on the run, although her mother is pleading with Krystal Whipple to surrender. Police say Whipple ran out on a $35 manicure fee and then drove a stolen car over Nhu Nguyen, killing the 51-year-old mother.

Nancy Grace looks at the case with a panel including Los Angeles psychoanalyst Dr Bethany Marshall, forensics expert Karen Smith, Atlanta prosecutor Kenya Johnson, and Crime Stories reporter John Lemley.

Manicurist-mom-of-four dragged to her death over $35 manicure bill

Grace also looks at the disappearance of Nahendra Faye Davis, who vanished two weeks ago after dropping her children off at her mother’s Baton Rouge, Louisiana, home. To report information about Davis, call Baker Police Department detectives at 225-775-6000 extension 1.

Urgent Missing: Louisiana mother vanishes after dropping off kids

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[Feature Photo: Khrystal Whipple/LVMP, Nhu Nguyen/GoFundMe]