VIDEO: Woman obsessed with cop who arrested her breaks into police department, calls 911 ‘to talk to him’ [Police]

A woman in Pennsylvania is accused of sexually harassing a police officer, and breaking into his department’s building using a cigarette butt holder in order to see him earlier this week.

In May 2018, the unidentified officer at the center of the saga arrested 27-year-old Ashley Keister, of Nanticoke, ABC 16 reported. From there, authorities said the woman began harassing the cop by sending him “drawings and calling 911 because she wanted to talk to him.” She is also accused of sending sexuallly inappropriate messages to the purported victim via social media.

Hours before she allegedly broke into the police department on Monday, authorities said they had warned Keister to stay away from the officer. The harassment was happening so often, officials said, that the chief had to step in to try and stop the inappropriate behavior by having her sign a document.

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“I made her sign a piece of paper saying that she wouldn’t contact a specific officer like she’s been, sending him upwards of 20 plus messages a day,” West Wyoming Police Chief Curt Nocera said, according to the media outlet.

At approximately 12:45 a.m., Keister was allegedly caught on a surveillance camera crashing through the West Wyoming Borough Police Department’s glass doors using a waste container intended to hold cigarette butts.

Authorities said the chaotic scene only escalated from there.

“She then entered the building, rummaged through the filing cabinets out in the borough building, tried to gain entry again by trying to kick the door in from the borough side into the police department,” Nocera stated.

Before the alleged break-in, officials said Keister sent a warning by calling 911 to let them know she would be at the department “looking for that specific officer.”

Two officers were reportedly needed in order to apprehend the suspect, who authorities said “swung at them.”

Keister is behind bars at the Luzerne County Jail on a $50,000 bond. She faces multiple charges, including aggravated assault and criminal mischief.

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[Feature Photo: Ashley Keister/West Wyoming Borough Police Department, ABC 16 screengrab]