Daughters abuse elderly mom so badly she develops gaping sores infested with ‘green puss, MAGGOTS’ [Police]

Two Utah women were charged after authorities allege they abused their elderly mother earlier this year—so badly that she developed sores infested with maggots.

Fox 13 reported Paula Leona Rhodes, 38, and Terry Gardner, 37, were charged with “aggravated abuse of a vulnerable adult, a charge which is enhanced for domestic violence and is a third-degree felony,” in the disturbing alleged crime.

Charging documents obtained by the news station, which were reportedly filed on Wednesday, indicated that police learned of the abuse in June of last year.

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When authorities arrived to a residence in Salt Lake City, they described finding an elderly woman in distress, “lying in her feces with multiple wounds/bed sores on her body,” the documents state.

Police also noted the purported victim, who was apparently “confined to a bed and wheelchair, suffered “a gaping wound” with a protruding bone. 

Moreover, it was reported that officials discovered “other open wounds had green puss, maggots and black flesh around the edges.”

Officials said Rhodes confessed to not aiding with her mother’s hygiene, and neglected to give her a bath for “a few weeks.” Further, Gardner allegedly told authorities that “she was aware of the maggots in her mother’s wounds.”

The sisters are scheduled to appear in court to face the aforementioned charges in the case. A date for the appearance was not revealed at the time of reporting.

This is a developing story. Check back with CrimeOnline for the latest updates.

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