Friends in ‘suicide pact’ kill themselves in New York hotel room after leaving a note, generous tip for the cleaner

The two people found dead in a New York City hotel room late last week were close platonic friends who are believed to have taken their own lives in a suicide pact.

The New York Post reports that Ellen O’Meara, 30, and David Koenig, 33, both New York City residents, were found dead in a bed a Yotel New York in Manhattan’s Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood, a single plastic sheet over both their heads.

A law enforcement source  confirmed to the New York Post that the couple left a tip of $200 for the housekeeper who would find them Thursday evening.

The source reportedly said that the friends, both musicians who were known to be depressed, likely planned the suicide.

“It’s almost as if from the first day these two people met they knew they were going to die together, ” the source, who presumably spoke to friends of the pair, told the newspaper.

O’Meara and Koenig reportedly met only a year ago, but quickly became close.

“Their friends were very upset, but not surprised,” the law enforcement source reportedly said.

The pair is believed to have died by asphyxiation using the plastic bag and nitrous oxide. They reportedly left a suicide note behind, but it did not provide a specific reason why they chose to take their own lives at that time.