HEAR IT: 911 call, police audio show horror, confusion in brutal family massacre at rural Oregon farmhouse that killed baby girl

Audio recording of the emergency response to a quadruple homicide in Oregon on Saturday night appears to show the confusion and the horror at the scene of a family massacre.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, Mark Gregory Gago was shot and killed by responding deputies Saturday night when they reported to a Woodburn farmhouse to find the suspect attacking an 8-year-old girl.

Deputies would discover that Gago had already killed his girlfriend, his parents, and his baby daughter: Shaina E. Sweitzer, 31; Jerry William Bremer, 66; Pamela Denise Bremer, 64; and Olivia Lynn Rose Gago, 9 months, all died in the massacre. The 8-year-old girl, believed to be Sweitzer’s daughter, and an adult female friend of the family survived.

According to scanner audio obtained by KATU, it appears that Sweitzer may have made the initial 911 call, as the dispatcher said the caller described the assailant as her boyfriend.

“We now have an open line. It’s quiet now. We did hear someone say, ‘just broke her neck.’ And it sounded like a physical disturbance in the background,” a 911 dispatcher reportedly told deputies, who were either on their way or had already arrived to the scene.

“Her boyfriend had a knife. He has a .45 handgun and two to three shotguns,” the dispatcher continued.

According to the report, the adult survivor of the massacre is also believed to have made a 911 call.

“We have a female on the line that was at this location earlier and says that the male used an ‘ax hammer’ on his mother. The female is saying that she thinks the entire family is deceased,” a dispatcher reportedly said.

The audio includes the sound of responding deputies alerting other officers about the nature of the scene. According to the KATU report, it was a full hour after the first 911 was placed that deputies fatally shot the suspect, who is believed to have been trying to kill the 8-year-old girl.

“Nobody needs to come into this house that’s not essential to be inside this house. They don’t need to see what’s going on inside here,” a responding deputy can be heard saying on the scanner audio.

Gago had a criminal record involving assault charges, which had been dropped, and a more recent weapons charge. He was also reportedly behind on child support payments to his ex-wife. Authorities have not yet revealed a motive for the killings.

[Feature image: Shaina E. Sweitzer, Olivia Gago/Facebook]