‘How they are skinned alive..doesn’t cross her mind’: Judge condemns wealthy ‘Instagram heiress’ who sold illegal snakeskin goods made from endangered pythons [Report]

A wealthy British “Instagram heiress” flipped the bird outside of court after being sentenced to community service on Monday after selling hats and handbags made out of illegal, endangered snakeskin. The presiding judge condemned her lavish, self-centered lifestyle at sentencing, the Daily Mail reported.

Stephanie Scolaro, 26, of Marylebone, was reportedly busted earlier this year for selling flashy hats and bags consisting of Python snakeskin, from 2016 to 2017. Pythons are an endangered species, and the judge in the case described the torture the animals go through in order to be turned into profit.

“How they are skinned alive, how they are endangered – that doesn’t cross her mind, it does not concern her,” Judge Michael Gledhill QC reportedly told Scolaro, a swimsuit model with about 100,000 Instagram followers at the time of publishing.

“All she is concerned about is getting hold of some accessories that she can sell.”

A probe into the Instagram diva reportedly occurred after red flags were raised regarding “a package sent from Indonesia.” Investigators connected the dots to Scolaro’s Instagram account, and a website, “SS Python,” where the now-infamous goods were sold.

While the website has since been taken down, a Twitter account showcasing the accessories still exists, with the last tweet being from 2016.

Scolaro is reportedly the daughter of an “Italian mining tycoon,” Francesco, who resides in an upscale neighborhood of Knightsbridge. Scolaro’s home was described by the media outlet as “a luxury apartment.”

Scolaro described mental health issues she has battled via her Instagram account.


“I suffered from immense anxiety, depression and didn’t really have much guidance from anyone in my life,” she wrote in October.

“I was also on edge and my anger fits and mood swings got so bad- I lost relationships and my friends and family ended up telling me to go to therapy. I never wanted to admit I ever had a problem, I thought I was too cool and I was perfect.”

The judge reportedly indicated that Scolaro indeed exhibited signs of mental illness, citing a “recently completed psychiatric report.”

While the woman said at the time that she dealt with the issues through learning yoga, and then further by becoming an instructor, the judge accused her of taking a different approach to deal with her reported demons.

“It seems to me that the approach has been to throw more money at the problem and she’ll be alright, but it is not alright,” Gledhill stated. “You are completely adrift and you need guidance.”

The judge subsequently sentenced Scolaro to 12 months of community service, according to the report.

[Feature photo: Stephanie Scolaro/Instagram]