‘It’s okay because I am his dad’: Father appears to admit to fondling son’s genitals on talk show

A father appeared to admit to inappropriately touching his 5-year-old son on a Korean talk show, initially drawing laughs before the audience and the fellow guests on the show became increasingly uncomfortable.

In a video clip shared on social media and published on KBS World TV’s YouTube channel, a father, his son, and the boy’s mother all appeared on the television show “Hello Counselor,” where the father made an alarming admission.

In the subtitled video segment, a father responds to a question from a panelist who asks why he touches his son’s private parts.

“I had the habit of touching him when he was a baby,” the father is quoted as saying in the subtitles, “and I still have that habit.”

As he speaks, the boy is sitting next to his father, and begins to hit him on the arm and chest, prompting commentary from people who appear to be the show’s hosts and guests.

“He’s 5, he can understand what we’re saying,” the host says.

“You know that they hate it, right?” a woman on the panel says to the father.

“They like it first,” the father is quoted as saying in the subtitles. “But after 5 or 10 minutes … I guess they start to hate it.”

When the host then tries to speak with the boy, the boy buries his head in his father’s shoulder. But the host explains that the show’s crew has previously spoken to the boy by phone.

“He said in a serious voice that he hates it,” the host says of the phone conversation.

The hosts then speak to the mother, who is on the stage, and she says that when they go to visit her or her husband’s parents, her husband pulls down her son’s pants.

“He says, ‘I must show what our son’s got,'” the mother is quoted as saying in the subtitles.

The father then appears to try and defend himself.

“Even when I play with him, I always educate him,” the father says. ‘”Your private parts are very important. So don’t let your friends touch it.'”

When a panelist points out that the father himself has admitted to touching his son’s genitals, the father says, “It’s okay because I’m his dad.”

The segment has prompted numerous calls on social media for “Hello Counselor” to be cancelled. Some of the messages indicate that the father also admitted to kissing his son’s genitals on the show.

Below is a video of the full episode without English subtitles.