HEAR IT: Boy calls 911 with homework emergency

A frustrated boy in Indiana called 911 for help with his homework — and the dispatcher was happy to oblige.

NBC News reports that an unidentified boy called 911 on January 14 after he’d been struggling with his math homework.

“I had a really bad day, ma’am and, I just don’t know. I just came to tell you that,” the child told the dispatcher, identified as Antonia Bundy.

Bundy works for the Lafayette Police Department, which posted a partial audio recording of the 911 to its official Twitter account.

The dispatcher took the boy’s concerns seriously, and first asked him why he was having a bad day.

“I just have tons of homework,” the boy reportedly said, complaining that the fractions he was learning in math were “so hard.”

After getting much-needed help with the fractions, the grateful student apologized for calling and thanked the dispatcher.

“I’m sorry for calling you, but I really needed help,” he said.

“We’re here to help,” Bundy responded.

The dispatcher was praised by Lafayette Police Sgt. Matt Gard as a hard worker.

“She’s always very dedicated to what she does,” he told NBC News, noting that he couldn’t remember anyone calling 911 with a homework emergency before.

“I’ve been in law enforcement for 13 years and I don’t know I’ve ever heard of this happening,” he said.


[Feature image: Antonia Bundy/Lafayette Police Department]