VIDEO: Man brutally attacks 2 women at hot dog stand—while bystanders film & do nothing, cops say

A California man has turned himself in after he was reportedly caught on camera punching two women at a hot dog stand early Friday.

KTLA reported Arka Sangbarani Oroojian, 30, turned himself in Tuesday evening for assaulting two women near Spring and Sixth Streets in downtown Los Angeles. Police described him as being 6 feet 3 inches tall and weighing 270 pounds.

KABC reported that Oroojian was filmed striking two women at a hot dog stand at 1 a.m. and running off. The women were reportedly waiting in line when things turned violent.

“There was a man that was arguing with the vendor. At that point, one of the women said, ‘Hey, order your hot dog so we can get our food.’ The man immediately turned, punched that woman in the face,” Los Angeles police detective Meghan Aguilar told the news station.

Aguliar alleged that Oroojian knocked the first woman unconscious, leading her friend to intervene. He said Oroojian then punched the friend several times.

The Los Angeles Times reported that both women suffered concussions and one of them had a broken finger. A father of one of the victims, who shared the footage online, told KTLA that nobody tried to stop Oroojian nor tended to the two women.

Furthermore, Aguilar said no bystanders called police regarding the assault. KABC reported that police started their investigation after being made aware of the video.

Oroojian was booked into jail on assault with a deadly weapon charges and is being held on $90,000 bail.

[Featured Image: Los Angeles Police Department video screengrab]