‘Nobody believed her’: Man lures TN teen girl to his mom’s Wisconsin basement, tells her to ‘prove’ she was being raped by her father [Police]

A Wisconsin man reportedly living in the basement of his mother’s Wisconsin home told authorities that nobody believed a teen girl when said her adoptive father raped, according to a court affidavit. The Wisconsin man allegedly then told her to “prove it,” persuading her to record a sexual session with her father on video.

On January 31, Bryan David Rogers, 31, was arrested is charged with abduction and sexually exploiting a 14-year-old girl. According to a state Division of Criminal Investigation affidavit, Rogers met the girl on the online gaming platform, Roblox. Rogers told authorities that at some point the girl said that her father was sexually assaulting her. The suspect then said “nobody believed her.”

Afterward, Rogers allegedly instructed the girl to set up a camera and record the assault for proof. During a text message exchange between the two, the girl told him she couldn’t promise that she would be able to record a video. Rogers then told her he couldn’t promise to come get her, according to the affidavit.

“Then I can’t promise I can get you away from that I hate to say it but I can’t risk getting in trouble for you. If you can get that video I can get you out of there but without it you will just wind up back with [him] and I’ll be in trouble. … He’s been molesting you for 12 years. If that’s not enough of a reason to get the video then idk what else to tell you.”

The girl repeatedly told Rogers she couldn’t get the video, at one point becoming flustered that he wouldn’t help her, telling him he was “such an [expletive] if u don’t help me somehow.”

“I can’t get the video,” the teen girl messaged, “I just can’t.”

“So I’m an (expletive) for not risking going to prison for someone I haven’t even met?” Rogers responded.

Rogers reportedly kept persisting, offering the young girl detailed instructions on where and how to hide her cellphone to avoid detection.

“That way when he comes for you it’s already recording and you don’t have to worry about anything. And I can’t help you if we don’t have foolproof leverage against [him].”

On January 10, Rogers got what he asked for. The girl managed to record the video; she emailed it to Rogers. Four days later she disappeared from her Madisonville home.

Investigators obtained the video, which, according to court documents, showed a graphic incident of the girl’s father, 41-year-old Randall Lee Pruitt, sexually assaulting her. Pruitt is now behind bars on a $2 million bond, facing a rape charge.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, Rogers reportedly drove over 700 miles to pick the girl up. While driving her back home to Wisconsin with the teen, he avoided gas stations with surveillance cameras and tollways. He also smashed the girl’s cellphone so it couldn’t be traced, the arrest affidavit read.

At some point, the girl made contact with the FBI in St. Louis, Missouri. It’s unclear what she said to them, but Detective Jason Fillyaw with the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department told CrimeOnline‘s Nancy Grace that investigators figured out her location after tracing Rogers’ email address.

When investigators arrived to Rogers’ home, he initially denied meeting the teen girl in person, and claimed he had no idea where she was. After meeting with Rogers’ mother, they informed they pair they were there to make an “exigent circumstances search.” Investigators gained access to the home and found the girl hiding inside a closet in the basement.

Rogers told the investigators he never turned over the sexually explicit video because it was grainy and he didn’t think it would be admissible in court. He never called anyone for help either. Instead, he allegedly kept the girl hidden in his basement.

Fillyaw, who flew to Wisconsin to bring the girl home on Friday, said she was in good spirits and talking. She was reunited with her siblings and happy to see them, but didn’t say much about her mother. The affidavit indicated Rogers told investigators that the girl said she told her mother about the alleged abuse, but the woman didn’t believe her.

None of the children are with family, according to Fillyaw. All four children are in social services’ protective custody. Detective Filljaw also said that the mother is currently cooperating with police “at this time.”

Since the girl is the alleged victim of a sexual assault, CrimeOnline is withholding her name.

During a press conference last week, Monroe County Sheriff, Tommy Jones, said the girl likely wanted to get away from a “bad home life.”

Prior to finding her, police said one the girl’s two cellphones pinged in Corbin, Kentucky. Corbin is around 130 miles from Madisonville.

The girl is the eldest of four children. Prior to his arrest, Pruitt, who appeared on numerous stations pleading for the girl’s return, said that she was homeschooled, while the other three children attended public school. The family recently moved to Madisonville from Lawrenceville, Georgia.

Due to the integrity of the investigation, authorities can only provide limited information at this time.

“I’m having to be vague in all my statements because this is still an ongoing investigation,” Jones said “There’s the possibility of multiple other charges coming forward with multiple people involved. And truthfully that’s about all we can say at this time.”

Pruitt, who appeared on several news outlets pleading  for the girl’s safe return, remains at the Monroe County jail without bail.

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[Feature Photo: Bryan Rogers, Randall Pruitt/Police Handout]