Savannah Spurlock: Search team zeros in on rural area where unknown men took missing mom of newborn twins [Report]

Search crews were out looking for a missing Kentucky mother Savannah Spurlock on Tuesday, close to an area where she was reportedly taken after spending a night out at a Lexington bar.

Spurlock, 23, disappeared on January 4 after a night out at The Other Bar in Lexington, off of South Limestone. According to Assistant Police Chief Rodney Richardson of Richmond PD, Spurlock left the bar with three men she didn’t know and ended up back at a home in a Garrard County, in a rural area of Kentucky.

The Cajun Coast Search and Rescue crew is focusing on corn fields, a county bridge, and deserted areas in Garrard County, according to FOX News. Officials told the outlet that the searchers are looking in areas in Garrard County after authorities announced this week that the young mom was last seen at the home.

Former marines, K-9 teams and two of Spurlock’s loved ones were on hand to help search. On Thursday, the crew plans to search at the Kentucky River.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, Spurlock reportedly left in a car with two men, while the third man followed them in a different car.

“We know that she ended up at a home in Garrard County some time after leaving the bar with these three men,” Richardson said. “They did not know Savannah prior to meeting her at the bar.”

Authorities confirmed they have evidence to suggest Spurlock went to the home, but nothing to show she ever left. Her phone was turned off around 8:30 a.m. the following morning, according to police. The men reportedly told police that Spurlock left the home by foot and they haven’t seen or heard from her since.

“We were told that she left that location. That’s just something we can’t confirm right now,” Richardson added. “So we’re looking for any information in regards to that. If somebody saw something, saw her, saw anything, just to let us know.”

Richardson said the car Spurlock drove to the bar on January 4 was located in Lexington with her purse and coat inside. Her cellphone has not been found. Surveillance footage captured on the night in question showed Savannah holding her purse while walking with the men. However, she may have put her purse in her car before leaving with them.

“There was a purse found in a car that Savannah took to Lexington. We do not have her cellphone. We would like to have her cellphone. We are looking for her and the cellphone, but we know for sure the cellphone went out of service around 8:30 – 8:45 that morning. How it went out of service we don’t know, but we know that it did and it hasn’t been turned back on.”

Spurlock, a mother of four, gave birth to twins in December. Her mother, Ellen Spurlock, who lives with her daughter in Richmond, was babysitting the children the night Spurlock went out. Ellen Spurlock told ABC she spoke to her daughter on via FaceTime at around 3 a.m. the morning she disappeared. The worried mother said she could hear other people in the car with Spurlock, but her daughter seemed fine.

Savannah Spurlock, 22, was last seen on Jan. 4 leaving the Other Bar in Lexington with two men, police said. (Richmond Police Department)

“She seemed okay,”  Ellen Spurlock said. “She told me she was fine. When I asked her where she was, she said she was in Lexington. She promised she’d be home later that morning. She did not seem out of the ordinary.”

Ellen Spurlock added that her daughter “hardly went anywhere” and is “a very responsible individual.” She also thinks the men are not being full forthcoming, according to Lexington Herald.

“I think the guys she was with know more than they are saying. Their story doesn’t make sense. She left with no money, no car, no coat, no phone in a different county than where she lives. It’s not like her.”

Police did forensic testing on the men’s cars, but they haven’t said what, if anything, was found.

Spurlock is a white female who stand 5-feet tall and weighs around 140 pounds. She has brown eyes, shoulder-length brownish-blonde hair and numerous tattoos, including a rose tattoo on her shoulder.

Anyone with any information on Savannah Spurlock’s whereabouts should contact Madison County police at 859-624-4776.

[Feature Photo: Savannah Spurlock/Facebook]