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2-year-old boy fatally shot in family friend’s home, mom says he found gun and shot himself: Cops

Authorities in Florida say a toddler died on Saturday, hours after he was shot in a Jacksonville apartment.

According to WKYT, 2-year-old Jayden Piedra was at the home of a friend of his family at the time of the shooting.

As of the most recent police reports available, official details about how he was shot and by whom were scarce. Investigators said they were not actively looking for any suspects in connection to the shooting.

His mother, Donna Crump-Piedra, told local reporters that Jayden found the firearm and shot himself with it.

She told WJAX that she hopes her loss will remind others to be more responsible in storing their guns securely.

“You never know who, or which little one, is going to get hold to it,” she said. “You could lose your child. I lost a 2-year-old.”

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office offered similar advice in a statement confirming the death investigation.

“We would like to remind everyone to secure firearms,” the agency wrote.

Investigators reiterated that state law requires gun owners to securely store their weapons around children.

“The individuals inside the apartment remained on scene and interviews have taken place,” the sheriff’s office statement continued. “We are not looking for any suspects and the investigation is active an ongoing.”

[Featured image: Pixabay]