Accused killer Patrick Frazee told police he communicated with Kelsey Berreth three days after she disappeared; that she asked for ‘space’: Report

Patrick Frazee told police investigating the disappearance of his fiancée Kelsey Berreth that she had asked for space and that their relationship wasn’t working out.

According to reporters covering a hearing in the murder case in Teller County, Colorado, on Tuesday, the court heard the recording of a phone call between Frazee and police that took place some time between Berreth’s Thanksgiving Day disappearance and Frazee’s arrest on December 19. It is not yet clear exactly what day Frazee first spoke to police on the phone; the call was reportedly recorded on the officer’s body cam.

In the phone call, Frazee reportedly said he had last received a text message from Berreth on November 25, three days after she was last seen alive, or heard from by anyone else. KOAA reporter Sam Kraemer, reporting from the hearing, said on Twitter that Frazee said in the call that his and Berreth’s relationship was not working and that they planned to “go their separate ways.”

Frazee reportedly told police that Berreth had asked for space, and said that she had also been spending a lot of time in Pueblo, Colorado, where she worked as a flight instructor at Doss Aviation.

Frazee also indicated in the call that Berreth had struggled with some addiction issues, and had sought treatment at an alcohol rehabilitation center.

The defendant reportedly said in the call that the November 25 exchange was their last contact, and that when he tried to reach her the following Friday her phone number had “expired.”

As CrimeOnline previously reported, authorities believe that Berreth was murdered in her home on November 22.

CrimeOnline will continue to provide updates as more information becomes available.