Investigators to begin landfill search for Kelsey Berreth’s body

Authorities in Colorado are set to begin a search of a landfill in connection to the death investigation of missing Colorado mother Kelsey Berreth, presumed murdered on Thanksgiving Day in her Woodland Park home.

KOAA reporter Sam Kraemer said on Twitter that Woodland Park Police Commander Chris Adams led a news conference about the planned search on Monday afternoon, and shared a media advisory with reporters that said the investigation was now focused on the recovery of Berreth’s remains.

According to the media advisory shared on Twitter, the search is set to begin Tuesday and last for up to 35 days. Investigators have reportedly narrowed in on a “target” area in the landfill that includes 4,320 cubic yards of trash.

Adams reportedly said that 30 to 40 people from multiple local and state agencies will aid in the search of Midway Landfill in Fountain, Colorado. The search will not involve cadaver dogs.

Last week, Adams and Teller County District Attorney Dan May testified at a preliminary trial for Berreth’s accused killer Patrick Frazee, heavily referencing interviews with Idaho nurse Krystal Lee Kenney, who had previously pleaded guilty to one count of tampering with evidence and agreed to testify against Frazee. Kenney and Frazee are believed to have been romantically linked, and Kenney claimed that Frazee had asked her to kill Berreth, the mother of his 1-year-old daughter, three times before he allegedly murdered Berreth himself.

The testimony at last week’s trial also revealed that Kenney drove from Idaho to Colorado to clean up the murder scene at Frazee’s insistence. She reportedly told investigators that she witnessed and participated in the disposal of evidence, possibly including Berreth’s remains, which was burned at Frazee’s 35-acre ranch in Florissant.

According to the testimony given at the pretrial hearing, Kenney told authorities she was not positive that Berreth’s body was still in the black tote bag Frazee allegedly used to transport it from the murder scene when he threw it into a fire.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, a spokesperson for Midway Landfill said in mid-January that authorities had requested to search the landfill. When asked why there was an apparent delay in the start of the search, Adams told the KOAA reporter that investigators had been working to corroborate Kenney’s story and seek outside help experts more experienced in landfill searches.